Using The Imagery Feature

Using The Imagery Feature

  • Navigate to the "Imagery" tab inside the Project. 
  • Use the filters at the top to 'quick jump' to see imagery associated with different spaces. 
  • Click the hearts on the images to 'like' the image(s). The hearted images will be added to your download. 
  • Once you have selected the images you like, click the "Download Your Likes" button. 
  • You will either get a direct PDF download or a prompt to save a PDF to your computer. 
  • Save the file and share it with your team and collaborators. 


An important call out - each time you go to this tab, IT'S A BRAND NEW EXPERIENCE. 

What does this mean? If I am inside the Imagery Tab and I have liked a few images and then click into the Budget tab, the system will lose the likes. 

Best practice for using this tab - find all the likes you want once you get in that tab and download the export of your likes before you move away from the Imagery tab. 

Why is this the case? in order to get this version of the Imagery tab out as fast as possible, we had to develop it in this manner. We expect this to be updated in the future with a better experience. If you have questions about this feature or wish to request an enhancement, please reach out to us at

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